Monday, September 3, 2012

Rough night...

I was given permission to stay with Ken at the hospital last night - I pushed a recliner beside his bed so that we could fall asleep holding hands (yes, we are sappy that way).

It was not an easy night for Ken; his IV has been set at 300 mL/hr since he started chemo on Friday, to keep his system 'flushed'. As a result, he isn't able to sleep for more than an hour in a shot.

And a bit after midnight, he started getting sick.

My poor, poor man; I called his nurse and got him some drugs. Then, thankfully, we were able to get some more sleep.

When the nurse came in the morning to draw blood, the smell of the alcohol prep made Ken ill again. More drugs, and he was able to eat breakfast.

The hospital food here isn't too bad, but the stuff I can get from the cafeteria is actually really good. Like, awesome mac n cheese yesterday, and lasagna today.  I can't complain, even though Ken can over his 'cheese and fruit' platter (two slices of cheese and two pear halves).

New chemo tomorrow; there are three parts to the first half of this protocol, and the second part goes into Ken's spine tomorrow. Scary stuff for both of us; my husband is so incredibly brave.

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  1. Just caught up on everything here. So glad you're able to be there with him! I know you miss your babies but you are blessed to have loving people to care for them.
    Thinking of you! xoxo