Friday, September 21, 2012

A little less stress...

I was able to call around today and found accommodation for Ken. 

I am so relieved.

I did get him into the Jean C. Barber Cancer Lodge for a few days, then into the Easter Seal House for the other days.  So he won't be just kicked out onto the streets (which is something that has stressed the life out of me, since I'm in Quesnel, and he's in Vancouver).  With any luck, treatment will continue to go well, and the next 8 weeks will just fly by,

I sure hope so, because I miss Ken so much.

I honestly feel like part of my heart is missing.  I am lonely, without being alone.

At least the babies are doing well; they are both enjoying preschool.  I'm hoping subsidy comes through soon, because without it, daycare is $1600 per month.  Which, would basically leave me enough money for rent, but that's it. 

However, in light of things, life is good.  I get to talk to my amazing husband every night, and though I miss him desperately, I won't complain.  At least I still have him.

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