Monday, September 10, 2012

How about that...

So, my younger baby (9 months old) has been teething like crazy, and has had a fair bit of GI upset over the last few weeks... maybe a month...

It's gotten worse.  Friday night, he was throwing up, and liquid diarrhea.  The vomiting settled, but the diarrhea continued.  So... off to the doctor today.

The doctor was thrilled to hear about Ken's results so far (this is his regular doctor), and then he agreed with me that there's a good chance that my baby has C.dif as well.  So now I'm trying to collect a sample, and just not having any luck.


On a brighter note, Ken Skyped with the boys for about 20 minutes today.  It is so awesome to see them interact with him.  My older son (23 months old) was playing 'peek a boo' with him and babbling like crazy (he's a bit language delayed, but we're having him assessed soon).  The younger was hamming it up and smiling.  I could tell it really made Ken feel good to see his kids - and a positive attitude is exactly what he needs to have.

Not a whole lot else to report at the moment... time to head to bed for a bit, til the 'wee babe' wakens for a snack!

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  1. Oh, the joys of c diff. Hope it clears up soon! So glad for Skype!