Sunday, September 2, 2012

Positive results...

... on two fronts.

First, Ken's wbc count has started to drop.  This is a good thing.

The second is that he tested positive for C. dif, which is an intestinal bacterial infection that causes G.I. upset and is quite contagious. Because of this, they want to keep him under contact isolation. Essentially, I have to be wearing gloves and a gown to be in the room with him. Thankfully, this has had no effect on his chemo regime.

And because of the chemo, I can't even give him a proper kiss because he is "cytotoxic", nd his chemo agents are excreted through his body fluids (saliva, etc).

We did get wireless internet set up through, so now he can Skype, which I think will make things almost bearable when I have to leave.

I am getting better at navigating the transit system here. And that's a huge stress reliever for me. So is the fact that we got to Skype with the babies tonight.  I miss them a ton, and so does Ken.

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