Thursday, September 20, 2012

Financial Anxiety

For the most part, we've been doing ok.  With Ken in the hospital, I might even be coming out ahead in some aspects.  But, the next few weeks will be tough.

Ken will be released on outpatients on Sunday.  He was approved for funding for the Cancer Lodge, but...

They are fully booked.

So, he has to find a hotel or B & B to stay in (at about double the cost, plus food).

And... some of his medication won't be covered while he's staying outside of the hospital (like all the things he takes normally, that I brought home with me... now I have to find a way to get them back to him ASAP).

It can always be worse - on the bright side, Ken's treatments are going very well.  His hair is gone, yes, and now so is his beard and nostril hairs, but he's really holding his own.  Which, of course, makes me very, very happy.

So, one way or another, I'll find a way to scrape together roughly $500 for accommodation.  It'll come.  And then, a few months from now, we'll just look back on all this as just another 'bump in the road.'

The boys started preschool today, and it sounds like they had  alot go fun.  As long as everything comes through for subsidy, that should all be ok as well.

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