Thursday, August 30, 2012

So many arrangements...

Ken spent the majority of today waiting for his flight out.  I waited with him.

We got him a pass to leave in the morning - we had to make arrangements just in case the worst case scenario happened.  We saw a lawyer, had Power of Attorney designated.

Most of the day was spent waiting.

Finally at around 3:30pm, Ken got the news that the jet was on the way.  We was transferred via ambulance to the airport, then shipped to Vancouver.

My heart breaks.

He arrived at the hospital a bit before 6pm, and was settled.  It was not an easy flight for him.

And by the time he arrived in Vancouver, his pain was out of control.  Thankfully he was later given medication to help relieve it.

I've spoken to my family; my Mom is coming up to take care of the babies.  I've been very blessed - there is a charity called Hope Air that is willing to fly me to Vancouver to be with him.  I am so thankful - without this service, spending time with my soul mate would be so much more difficult.

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