Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Ken

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

Ken has been re-admitted into hospital to start preparing for his Stem Cell transplant (I know I previously referred to it as a Bone Marrow transplant, but it is the Stem Cells that are harvested from the donor's marrow, then transplanted into Ken). Ken is currently undergoing his final round of chemotherapy, then will have an intense 3-day course of radiation to kill off his bone marrow, in preparation for receiving the healthy Stem Cells, which will hopefully 'take' quickly and become Ken's new bone marrow. At least that's my understanding. Ken has warned me that he will develop a 'perma tan', which won't necessarily be a bad thing - cancer treatment has left him so pale (unusual for him, even as much as he is a computer geek, lol).

I will be by Ken's side for the first 3 days after the transplant, to provide care and comfort for Ken. I expect he will be very weak, and in no condition to care for himself. This is the part of our situation that is most difficult - the physical distance.

Through all this, we are striving to remain as positive as possible; I talk to Ken multiple times each day on the phone, and Skype with him in the evenings. Our sons love talking to their Daddy on the computer; we are so thankful for the technology that allows up to turn 660km into almost nothing.

I am continually overwhelmed at the support we've received - enough has now been raised to provide for over a month's accommodation. It's amazing, and I am ever so thankful. Soon I'm hoping that we can begin the countdown to when Ken will be back home!

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