Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We have Engraftment!

Is that even a word?

In any event, there are now signs that Ken's Stem Cell transplant is working, and his body is now producing new red blood cells, new white blood cells, and new platelets.  The last few days, there have been small but very real increases in his blood values - very good signs!

At the same time, the last few weeks have not been without trial - Ken has had several complications post- transplant.  These complications are not unusual, but still make recovery that much more difficult.  On top of the Mucositis, Ken has also been retaining fluid - about 10 kilograms worth.  His doctors and nurses have been treating him accordingly, and have reduced the amount retained by several kilograms (about 2 litres of excess fluid).  Unfortunately, this isn't the same as retaining water around that time of the month... this excess water impacts blood pressure and heart function too.  Slowly, I believe the doctors are getting it under control.

Although Ken's discharge date is still very much in the air, it is in the foreseeable future, and I'm hoping to bring our sons with me when he's released - he will need 24/7 care for the first 14 days after release from the hospital, to ensure that no new complications arise.

This has presented yet another challenge - finding affordable family lodging near the hospital.  The Cancer Lodge is not 'child friendly'.  The Ronald McDonald House only houses the families of sick children, not sick parents.  The Easter Seals House will take us, but they are currently booked, and have put us on a waiting list.  I am very hopeful that space will open up - I love my young sons dearly, and want to have them with me.  And Ken misses them terribly.

Any prayers/positive thoughts sent our way are greatly appreciated - we've come this far, the end is now in sight!!!

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